Every time you transform how you think, you take a step closer to realizing your true potential

How Thoughts Create Reality

Our everyday experiences and how we react to them (behaviour and actions) are driven mainly by our deep-seated feelings and thoughts, most of which we are not even aware of, creating limiting patterns in life. Ilango’s approach to life coaching centres on the level of thinking, sparking self-enquiry and inner work. He believes that a coaching conversation is a conscious conversation that allows people to investigate their sub-conscious thinking processes, beliefs and attitudes and transform them wholly to help you lead a more authentic, meaningful and successful life.

Ilango uses the Results Coaching System or Brain Based Coaching (accredited to International Coach Federation) which is a neuroscience based coaching method that involves eleven core coaching competencies specified by ICF, a basic understanding of neuroscience, and various tools in his approach to coaching. These tools allow the coachee to investigate hardwired feeling and responses and modify them to align with our goals and aspirations, and improve the results we produce in everyday life.

Ilango has developed and/or works with a variety of coaching tools, models and processes, each having a different structure and methodology.

For example, one such coaching model has the following structure and flow to the conversation:

  • The coaching conversation begins by exploring the client’s current reality.
  • Ilango facilitates the conversation to expand the client’s awareness of the current situation or issue. A better understanding of current realities leads to exploring alternatives, generating insights and “AHA” moments.
  • Finally, he taps into the energy of the client to come up with actionable plans to create a new reality.



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